Custom Decorated Apparel

Hello! I am Martin Pahnke, SWFL Marketing Group! Thank you for checking out our video. Today I’m going to talk about custom decorated apparel and we’re fortunate to have tons of suppliers to offer us hundreds of options on apparel that can be used for events, or for corporate use. So here’s an example of […]

Introducing the AIRPOP!

Airpop is the leading breathing protection with Professional grade material & Consumer level comfort, Exceeding Industry Standards! Airpop Key Features: Superior Filtration >99% Filter efficacy (Light SE & Pocket) Superior Fit – Ergonomic Designs and materials Superior Breathability – <1/3 Resistance of N95

Increase Productivity with New Promotional Item

Increase Workplace Productivity Hi, Good Morning! I’m Martin Pahnke- Welcome to my office. These are the offices of SWFL Marketing Group, and a lot of things get done here! What I’m talking about today is an organizational tool and productivity tool. Here’s an example of some notes I’ve taken in the last few days, and […]

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing with Signs

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing With Signs Hi there! I’m Martin Pahnke partner of SWFL Marketing Group, and we help our clients in a tangible marketing space. What that means… Our Trade Association calls it “Advertising You Can Feel”, and it really appeals to the six senses.  In these rough times that we’re in right now, […]


It’s not hard to see that mental health effects physical health, and the way that we see our world around us. Staying healthy through a pandemic is hard enough but making sure that we stay mentally healthy as well is even harder. Feeding our bodies and minds with things that are good for us is […]

Must Have Branding Item for your Business

Hi there, I am Martin Pahnke owner and lead advisor at SWFL Marketing Group.   Today’s video covers some of the ways we help our customers with internal and external branding at the same time.   One of our most popular service areas is corporate wear.  Employees wearing quality logoed apparel will feel part of the team […]

The Best Toys for The Best Pets

Looking for the best promotional items for your pet loving customers? Look no more! One of our top suppliers for pet promotional products, Promo Pet provides the perfect toys for their dogs and cats. Contact us for more info. SWFL Marketing Group is dedicated to helping our clients with cost effective, result oriented, marketing solutions. […]

Create A Long Lasting Positive Impression With Your Audience

Hi there, I am Martin Pahnke owner and lead advisor at SWFL Marketing Group. Today’s video will show you an example of creating a positive long-lasting impression with your customers, prospects and others who are important to your organization. Often being nice to family members is one way to create a positive impression. Of course, […]

Ideas to Recognize Those Vital to Your Organization

Hi there! Welcome to our office. I am Martin Pahnke, Partner and Lead Advisor at SWFL Marketing Group. Today I want to talk about internal marketing. One of my favorite areas where we help our businesses and organizations is in recognition. An organization’s biggest assets is its employees and members. The reason these key stakeholders […]