Unique Award Option!

How Does it Work? Pick your choice of QR or NFC and add Lynk to any award. Project Lynk uses a combination of QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. QR codes use a picture (barcode) that most phones can read with their camera. It is widely used in many applications (i.e. restaurant menus […]

Happy Birthday, America!

Independence Day marks the historic date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress making America its own independent country! Now, every year, on the Fourth of July we celebrate the birth of our nation as we know it today. Celebrating is such an important part of human culture. It […]

2022 Print & Promo Expo

What to do after attending a training event where you have just too many great ideas? SWFL Marketing Group supports our customer organizations in their marketing campaigns for external campaigns geared towards prospects and customers and internal campaigns for employee, vendor, and volunteers using custom logoed merchandise, printed materials, and apparel. On a daily basis […]

Eco-Friendly Trends in our Industry

January was our big industry trade show month, and the increase of Eco-Friendly customizable products was significant. Many of our supplier partners are making it easier for us to recommend Eco-Friendly products to our customers, who then give them to those important to their organizations. Here is a headline from a recent email promoting this […]

Las Vegas Tradeshow 2022 Interesting Products!

Without delay we want to share some of the top ideas from our huge industry trade show PPAI Expo 2022 in Las Vegas which took place the week of January 10th. Most of our top supplier partners were there, showing off what is new and what works best for various campaigns. To get a quick […]

Apparel & Our Innovative Suppliers

Our company is a marketing consulting firm specializing in the promotional products arena where domestic sales are over 20 billion dollars annually. The way we view our role is to stay on top of what is new and trending and be a resource for our customers when they are planning a marketing campaign, a recognition […]

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings Today we’re talking virtual! Since March of last year, we’ve been thrust into a new era of virtual work, meetings, and Zoom calls. Throughout this last year we’ve all become more accustomed to conducting our business calls and meeting talking to a screen instead of to a person. Why not spruce up the […]

Kitting Pens

Pen Kits Today we are going to be talking about the easiest and most versatile kit out there. We like to call it the “Note-Taking Kit”! This is simply a notepad, sticky notes, or journal paired with a pen! Simple and easy, yet useful for the recipient! A Note-Taking Kit is useful for networking events, […]

Goodie Bags

Oh yeah, Goodie Bags! Today we’re talking about goodie bags! No, not the bags your kids take home from their friend’s birthday parties, these are adult bags filled with business SWAG! Goodie bags are fantastic for events! For in-person events, they can be a gift for attendees to take home afterwards with them. For virtual […]



Office Security

Morale Booster

Official Paper Shredder

Barks at leaves and parking lot denizens to protect the office.

Loves getting pets and scratches to bring joy and happiness to the office! Loves to bark at visitors to “say hello”!

Will rip any paper to shreds for maximum security (and tasty) purposes.