Great Ways to Promote Your Business with Signs and Displays

Hi, I am Martin Pahnke partner at SWFL Marketing Group. Welcome to our showroom. Today I want to present marketing solutions to promote your business at trade shows, events, your office or store and at other locations where your target audience goes. Custom designed signs and displays can be ordered one at a time and [...]

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Summer Promotional Products

Summer is here, the perfect time for rest and relaxation. Your customers will surely love these logoed items when they're away from work and enjoying themselves at the beach or pool. Interested? Contact us for more information! SWFL Marketing Group is dedicated to helping our clients with cost effective, result-oriented, marketing solutions. For more info, [...]

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Celebrate Independence Day

On the 4th day of July, Americans will gather to celebrate a very important day in the history of the United States - their ‘Declaration of Independence’. Citizens display the flag outside their homes and businesses. This celebration is our way to express gratitude and appreciation for those who fought for our freedom. Here is [...]

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RFID Blocker Sleeves

Most credit cards, debit cards and passports have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip embedded which contains personal and account information of the holder. Here's one useful item that will be kept long term and is reliable to protect your cards and passports from identity theft. The RFID blocker sleeve is made of a special alloy [...]

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New! Chipolo Promotional Products

Are you that person who keeps on forgetting your things? Worry no more! Never lose them again with Chipolo. Feel free and secure by just attaching a Chipolo to your valuables and setting up the App. SWFL Marketing Group is dedicated to helping our clients with cost effective, result oriented, marketing solutions. For more info, [...]

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Tips on Buying Promotional Products – Episode 1

Martin Pahnke, owner of SWFL Marketing Group, talks about what’s important besides price when buying promotional products. SWFL Marketing Group is dedicated to helping our clients with cost effective, result-oriented, marketing solutions. For more info, contact us at (239) 437-4370 or email [email protected] You may also visit us online at

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Cooling Towels

While many people enjoy outdoor activities during summer, we can’t deny the fact how excruciating heat stops us from being active. Should we miss the FUN this Summer Season? Of course not! Thanks to ‘cooling towels’ we can now protect ourselves from overheating from the sun. You can surely beat the heat with our ‘cooling [...]

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Promotional Calendars

It’s odd that many small businesses looking for the greatest new ideas around promotional products to keep their audience engaged overlook a favorite among many which is a promotional calendar. What can a well-prepared and executed promotional calendar do to your business? Basically, a promotional calendar is often on your customer's wall or desk and [...]

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How many t-shirts, water bottles, coolers should I buy for our event?

So you are the event organizer for a fundraiser or a customer appreciation event and the committee has given you a budget and now you need to place orders... Logoed merchandise like the items in the heading are great ways to help make an event memorable and to say thank you to customers, employees or [...]

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