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Celebrate Independence Day

On the 4th day of July, Americans will gather to celebrate a very important day in the history of the United States - their ‘Declaration of Independence’. Citizens display the flag outside their homes and [...]

Cooling Towels

While many people enjoy outdoor activities during summer, we can’t deny the fact how excruciating heat stops us from being active. Should we miss the FUN this Summer Season? Of course not! Thanks to ‘cooling [...]

Promotional Calendars

It’s odd that many small businesses looking for the greatest new ideas around promotional products to keep their audience engaged overlook a favorite among many which is a promotional calendar. What can a well-prepared and [...]

The Rebel Umbrella

  You might be someone sitting in front of your desk figuring out the best product to promote your business or a CEO who is still undecided whether promotional products are worth the investment. No [...]

How many t-shirts, water bottles, coolers should I buy for our event?

So you are the event organizer for a fundraiser or a customer appreciation event and the committee has given you a budget and now you need to place orders... Logoed merchandise like the items in [...]

Using Promotional Items to Your Advantage

As a business, you already know the importance of using promotional items to advertise your business. Equally as important though is working with a marketing company who provides you with high-quality items that fall [...]